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About Us

Our Time Candles & Diffusers Ltd was started in 2021 by Leanne as a small home business making and selling quality home fragrance products.


As is often the case with a new business, there is a trigger and a will to do something plus some knowledge and experience. The trigger was looking forward to the future and Leanne having more time during the day and therefore a will to do something was created. Andy has the knowledge and experience so together said it's "Our Time" to start something for us.


Leanne and Andy have been together for 24 years and have four children - therefore used to juggling many activities all at once.

Both of them were born and raised in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, and they relocated to Shavington, Cheshire in July 2020 to be closer to Andy's work.


As Leanne says "It was a life changing decision to move and leave our family and friends behind but I know it is the best decision we've ever made."


So where does Our Time generate from?


"In my spare time, when I get any, I often like to turn my hand to craft sewing and cooking - I probably have more cookbooks in my house than I do candles.

The young children always keep me busy but isn't everyone the same? We're all busy in some way or another. Life moves too fast and we rarely, if ever, take any time for ourselves."


That's where Our Time comes in...


Fragrances can invoke the greatest memories or make new ones. It can also be powerful in changing or enhancing moods so can be good for your health and well-being.


Life is too short so it is time we all took time out for ourselves and created that little moment of "our time".


So whether you want to enhance your mood, change your mood or simply relax and pamper your senses then Our Time Candles & Diffusers can certainly help you create your own piece of time; whether that's me time or our time the choice is yours.


Creating special moments through the power of fragrance!


How it all started